Talk to Frida is a short film by Juliana Matsubara about Jonny, an illustrator suffering from artist's block, who meets Frida Kahlo in a very mysterious way. 
Based on The Diary of Frida Kahlo: An Intimate Self-Portrait
Frida Kahlo portrait by Anabel Castañon.
Photography by Stephanie Lorenesi
Makeup by Maria D'Agostino
Costume Design by Juliana Matsubara
Talk to Frida
Designed and directed by Juliana Matsubara
Joseph Gale [Jonny/ The Big Boss]
Anabel Castañon [Frida]
Stephanie Lorenesi [First Assistant Director]
Ben Calloway [Director of Photography]
Clare Walter [Continuity]
Anne Madeleine Mancosu [Continuity]
Patrick Wilson [Continuity/ Clapper Board]
Maria D'Agostino [Make up and Hair]
Juliana Matsubara [Costume and Set Decoration]
Josh Cole [Sound Recordist]
Kurosh Asemani [Boom Operator]
Francis Plummer [Runner]
Thank you:
Emma Lindley
Philip Sindall 
Pete Appleyard
Alex Lopera
Peter Hollywood 
Michaelle Caruso
Rob Langley
Met Film School
Manny and Met Reception team
Met Kit Room team
The Grindhouse Cafe
Husband and cats
Friends and family

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