Subtle is a short film directed by Stephanie Lorenesi about Penelope, a sensitive girl who perceives the world around her in a very unique way.  Juliana helped develop and produce the props for this short film, cooking the color graded food and placing them for the shots as well as actually making the paper boxes and paper leads, which needed to be specific in size, shape and style, hence crafting them was the best alternative to bring life to the director's vision.  
Director, writer, editor and camera operator at times: Stephanie Schieber Lorenesi 
Actress: Emma Johnston 
Prop Maker/ First AD: Juliana Matsubara
Director of Photography:  JP Caldeano
Sound Record on location: Francis Plummer and Patrick Rangeley-Willson
Foleys: Kimberly López and Stephanie Schieber Lorenesi 
Runners: Clare Walter and Anne Mancosu 
Slate: Tamilade Ajayi 

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